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First and foremost, may I say Congratulations on your engagement. I hope that you took the time to look over some of the weddings that I have photographed in the past. As you can see, small ceremonies are my specialty. I graciously step aside and even recommend other photographers who specialize in larger weddings, as there are some really amazing and talented photographers in this area.
My style is relaxed and comfortable when it comes to wedding photography.  The couples that I have been honored to photograph all chose to keep their very special day intimate, and the guest list reserved only for their closest friends and family. The focus being entirely on the bride and groom, as I feel it is intended to be.
 Typically these weddings consist of either just the bride and groom, and one or two others to make up their bridal party.  In many cases, children make up the entire bridal party which makes for some really sweet photos.
 Many of the wedding ceremonies that I have photographed have taken place in back yards, parks, or small churches. And the results have been stunning. Proving that bigger and more extravagant is not necessarily always better.
So if you like my style, and are planning a smaller, and more intimate wedding ceremony, give me a call and let's discuss your vision for your most important and memorable day.

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