As of Christmas day 2019 I will be taking a much needed break from the photography business. I know that it is the right thing for me to do, and also the right time for me to do it. I have been struggling with my creative energy and I'm pretty sure it is because I'am tapped out. Working myself so hard that I'am no longer getting any joy from what once made me so happy. 

I wasn't sure at first if this was the answer, but I eventually allowed myself to fully trust the universe to take me where I need to go. And let me tell you, the universe most definitely works in mysterious ways. It has sent me an offer that I can not refuse. A chance to do something with purpose and intent. A chance to help make a difference in this world. 

I have been blessed to have some incredible friends, and resources who have enlightened me to the importance of self care, self love, and self awareness. It is with those tools that I have been able to walk away from a business that I worked so incredibly hard to build and cultivate. I know that it no longer serves me so I'am letting it go and setting my self free.

 I am extremely grateful for all of the wonderful people that I have met along  the way. For that is one of the greatest rewards that I could have ever asked for. Thank you for the love and support that my clients, friends, and family have given me over the years. You have all given me the strength to grow and take leaps of faith without fear. 

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