This 1950's inspired senior portrait session was everything that I could dream of as a photographer. Beautiful subject, exquisite props, perfect weather, and lot's of fun and energy along the way. Hwy 441 Diner in Tavares, Florida was the location where we shot the first half of the session. It was the perfect setting to capture the decade that we were trying to emulate. A huge thank you to Eddie and his staff for welcoming us into their delightful establishment and for being so accommodating. And a huge shout out to Anthony Bua for proving us with his fabulous automobile, that was the icing on the cake! I can not wait for my next 1950's inspired session.

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I knew that I wanted to become a photographer as soon as I laid my eyes on a black and white photograph of my son, who was two years old at the time. The shutter button was pressed , and a very special moment was captured for a lifetime. That image of my baby boy takes me back to a very special place every time I look at it.  Something awoke in me that day. A passion for photography and from that moment on, I knew that it was in my soul and that I had to pursue it further.


 Before that dream was to become a reality, many years had to pass. I got divorced, moved to a new state, eventually remarried and had two beautiful daughters, and lived a busy life. I kept my photography dreams on hold until one day I decided it was time to ignite that fire.  I went back to school  and studied at the local community college, watched hundreds of hours of tutorials on line, read every photography book I could get my hands on, and soaked up the knowledge like a sponge. I photographed every wedding, birth, senior portrait, prom, anniversary, and birthday party I could get my hands on.  All of which were  done for no charge of course.  After all I needed to build my portfolio. 


 I'am now enjoying a successful career and doing the thing I love to do the most,  and I couldn't be happier or more fulfilled.  Surrounding myself with the right people who helped to lift me up and to back me up is what got me through this journey and what continues to inspire me. 

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